Frequently Asked Questions

Do you charge for a consultation?

Yes.  The consultation fee is $250, the initial consultation will take place at your residence and will last up to 1.5 hours.  The consultation is a working meeting During that time we will have an overview of your project and give you clarity on how to move forward.  

Consultation Checklist

1.  Tour the home and project site

2. Discuss your likes and dislikes of current space 

3. Create a customized wish list  for your project

4. Take photos and general measurements of space

5.  Recommend interior paint colors

6.  Review design process and letter of agreement


What can you offer as a professional interior designer?

Hiring a professional interior designer is a key element to achieving a finished and completed look that reflects your tastes and style.  I have years of experience, relationships with local vendors, artisans and installers as well as to the trade access to interiors products and furnishings.  I also provide clients with an overall design plan, renderings if necessary, shop drawings, purchasing management and installation management. For my out of town clients I offer on site delivery and inspections of furnishings to take the stress out of your next visit.  A valuable service A Coastal Home provides to their clientele is an online client portal which allows clients to access proposals, orders and invoices as well as a direct messaging feature  to track the progress of the entire job.  


What is a A Coastal Home's Design Process and what can I expect?

The design process is a 15 step approach that manages your design project from start to finish. The time frame between our initial consultation to completion of the project depends on a lot of factors but in most cases takes anywhere from 2-8 months.  

Step 1: Design Consultation

Step 2: Creation/Acceptance of Agreement with Deposit

Step 3: Trade Day: Measuring and photographing existing space, furniture to be retained and existing architecture

Step 4: Design Planning and Sourcing

Step 5: Presentation Day

Step 5: Implementation / Ordering Furnishings

Step 7:  Budget and Progress Review

Step 8: Initiation of Construction and Renovation

Step 9: Installation Period

Step 10: Furniture Installation and Styling

Step 11: Client Reveal

Step 12: Identify Deficiencies

Step 13: Resolve Deficiencies

Step 14: Project Closure Meeting

Step 15: Thank you and Project Completion Binder 



The Importance of Budgets

Money conversations can be hard but they are absolutely necessary when it comes to designing and furnishing your home.  Knowing what you would like to invest in our project allows me to efficiently source appropriately priced furnishings and stay within your budget expectations.